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Areca Nuts

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Lump Form in bulk

Technical Analysis :

Optical +0.80 +0.79
Index Bias 1.4021 1.4022
Solubility Alcohol 95% (%) 89.88 89.85
Saponification Number 163.42 166.83
Acid Number 81.28 81.56
Benzoic Acid Ester 82.14 85.27
Cinamic Acid (%) 0.26 0.30
Benzoic Acid (%) 31.50 44.30
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Powder Form
1 kg each plastic bag

Properties and Uses :

Gum Benzoin Sumatra (Styrax), is a balsamic resin. Styrax Gum Benzoin Sumatra is comming from Styrax family and the dried exudation from the pierced bark of Styrax Tree in Tapanuli, North Sumatra. As a gum from this species hardens, it becomes Lump and pale yellowish color. It is common to comercialized in powder form. It has a strong storax like odor and it also has more Benzoic Acid rather than Cinamic Acid (as found in Styrax Tonkinensis). In Indonesia, it called as Kemenyan Tarutung or Toba, but broadly known as Benjamin, Benzoico, Benzoe, or Benjoin. Because of its fragrant odor, it is widely used in: perfume, essential oil, aromatherapy, and sometimes in incense. It is well liked for its anti cataract and expectorant properties as well as its powerful skin healing effects. It also a warming oil, making it useful for painful joints and poor circulation, stimulates the production of urine (diuretic).



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